AMT-Dongle software activation for Infinity

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This activation allows you to add AMT-Dongle software features for all Infinity products:

  • Infinity-Box/Dongle
  • Infinity [BEST]
  • Infinity CDMA-Tool

Key Features:

  • Read Information
  • Read / Write Flash
  • Read Pattern Lock
  • Factory Reset
  • Safe Factory Reset
  • Remove FRP (Write / Erase)
  • Reset User lock
  • Reset User Locks (Encrypted Usertada – Remove System UI)
  • Reset User Locks (Encrypted Userdata – Remove KeyGuard)
  • Test EMMC
  • Full Erase
  • Support Select Custom DA File
  • Backup Contacts.db
  • Restore System UI
  • Restore KeyGuard

Supported MTK CPUs:

  • MT057 MT2601 MT2701 MT6570 MT6571 MT6572 MT6573 MT6574 MT6575 MT6577 MT6580 MT6582 MT6583 MT6589 MT6592 MT6595 MT6592 MT6595 MT6735 MT6735M MT6737M MT6737N MT6737T MT6739 MT6750 MT6752 MT6753 MT6755 MT6757 MT6757D MT6758 MT6759 MT6761 MT6763 MT6765 MT6771 MT6775 MT6795 MT6797 MT6799 MT7623 MT7683 MT7863 MT8127 MT8135 MT8163 MT8167 MT8168 MT8173 MT8518 MT8521 MT8531 MT8590 MT8591 MT8592 MT8695

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AMT-Dongle software activation for Infinity

Rs.4,850.00Rs.5,000.00 (-3%)

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